Raju Rai Mobile Repair

Raju Rai Mobile Repair

My Name is Raju Rai
Raju Rai Mobile Repair is en electronic repair shop
Specialist in .iPhone .tables .iPod .AirPods .all Kinds of mobile phone repair
You can think of the channel as a disry of a repair shop
Most of the advanced micro soldering repairs that we perform are not something done ✅ by the average repairing shop
We love to share the RAJU RAI MOBILE REPAIR
and leave a positive footprint on this little tiny world that we live in

😍 need help with your device repair? We service Castomar’s and repair shop Raju Rai mobile repair

Call me My phone n. 7272020007
I am from India 🇮🇳
I love my India
Jai hind vandemartam

I am Mobile phone 📱 technician 👨‍🔧