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Looking for a hobby? Check out these 13 genius gardening hacks that you'll be glad you know? Tell us what you're going to plant this summer in the comments below!
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  • This video is a good inspiration

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  • These have been proven to be fake, and most of these are the wrong way to plant them. Scam- and click bait for algorithm

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  • Why ya’ll getting mad over plants.

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  • Awesome information, do you know how to plant date seeds for early growth? Thank you

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  • Plants cant absorbe that iron

  • Почему видео идут на английском языке, мы разве не в России?

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  • 6:27 Instrucciones unclear. Now my house is a vine forest.

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  • The potato one is wird because you joust took them out like they were put into there, When you needed to disconnect the roots first

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  • 7:09 there was no soil will it survive

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  • Avacados are like apples, you're gonna get crap fruit unless you do some 'breeding'. Made me doubt most of the rest...

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  • Some of these are really good for winter gardens put them in ur basement with a light there like regular fricken gardens lol

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  • 0:53 we did this for apples it works but sometimes u have to pop the bottle out like when u suck air of a bottle use ur hand or some to pop it out again

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  • Me: reading comments about the video My resolution: DO NOT TRY ANY OF THESE IDEAS! speak to expert before!

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  • The photo on the left of the thumbnail is umm... interesting...

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  • It is really useful ! Thank you so much. 🌷

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  • On the tomato you should instead remove the seeds and rinse them and get off the flesh then have them dry out for a day or two then you can put them into soil. If you do just throw the seed in there it will most likely rot

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  • Thanks for showing me this I was about to make my garden

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  • Clima frio dar certo aqui na região Norte do Brasil é quente.

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  • I live in Alabama, if there is one thing I know it's flowers, shrubs, seeds. To be more precise I know how to grow them. I also know how to preserve them. My family grows our own food . We pressure. Cook most of it. We also hunt to fill the freezers. Some really useful information here.

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  • half of these video ideas were stolen by her

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  • most of these aren't even tricks, they're just common knowledge on how to grow a plant

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  • Fruit seeds take years before they become fruit producing trees. Do not think your going to throw a pit in a pot and get fruit, maybe in about five years!

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  • Which type of soil u r using here ... ???

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  • To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48)

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  • @John 14:6 King James Version 6. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me....

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  • I did the pepper one, expecting some seeds to die. Nope, I am now stuck with over 100 pepper plants.

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  • Most of these will produce rotted food. The seeds need to be dried for a period or passed through an animal. And, for sprouts, don't use garden seed, because they have chemicals on them. I don't know about organic seeds, but seeds for sprouting can be purchased online. For the avocado, I just placed my pit in soil and it grew.

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  • These are the baddest jokes on ARworlds

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  • The clickbait was deceitful.👅

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  • They make it look so easy. It's not. In America they sterilize all fruits and vegetables SO YOU CANT DO THIS. The re-rooting works well, though...

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  • Very nice idea to grow plants

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  • Most of this is bogus, just like the fake baking, so called hacks that this channel insists on uploaded. Its all lies!

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