3 Year Old SWAPS LIVES with MOM for a DAY! (bad idea)

2021/05/ 2
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3 Year Old SWAPS LIVES with MOM for a DAY!! Another Anasala family banger where Mila and Mom swapping lives for 24 Hours!! ! WE AR ENEVER DOING THIS AGAIAN. haha
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Subtitles by: Yara M

  • OMG! Can we talk about how cute is Mila! And How funny she is, when she is the mom!!!

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  • Mila is so dang cute and funny😂

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  • Mila is our daughter

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  • Mila is our DAUGHTER. Asala is our MOM

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  • I love you so much Mila baby Mila wow asala and Anna switch from lady I said are you doing that and unless you doing that mommy I had to do with that that I asked you doing mommy and us doing mommy unless you doing mom and

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