Waterwheel Returns

2021/01/ 6
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This is the resurrection of the waterwheel I built many years ago and installed at my last house. arworlds.info/player/PLDda5L4aJUB-IuU3SWstKewFvzfv3wJGI.html I have since dusted it off to install at my new house right next to my 500W hydro turbine. arworlds.info/player/PLDda5L4aJUB8dX8hg4Aqwnq1u5vprKFiu.html
This ditch doesn't have as much flow as my last one but it has more head, the waterwheel isn't really well suited to this lcoation. I think I might need to build a 6-footer to take advantage of the height available. This waterwheel project like many others projects in my life are ongoing. I have on order some generating components that are better suited to the lower power output expected and to remedy some of the shortcomings of this current mechanical configuration.
Colors will be less wild in future videos as I have corrected some camera settings.

Probotix Comet CNC (used, many yrs old) www.probotix.com/CNC-ROUTERS/CNC-ROUTER-GX2525
Amana Downcut Spiral Endmill amzn.to/3pYNQbg
Makita Trim Router amzn.to/3pYNQbg in a 3d Printed mount of my own design
Makita Cordless Sander amzn.to/3pYNQbg
Makita Impact amzn.to/3nmy6g8
GoPro amzn.to/2HbGSLP
Editing Computer amzn.to/39cF6HL
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  • Keren bosku👍👍👍

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  • Looking good

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  • Hey love the Teal Color themed but also consider building a treehouse over just a house that tears down the forest. Trees should be building blocks no tearing blocks. It can be funky and swirlyio just needs a bit of adjusting imagination and blueprinting and there we go and inventive you might get more followers because your not just helping humanity but your helping the World. We are not only making channels grow but It inspire others to experiment and ARworlds Channels will grow when we choose to help the world 2 ways in one stone. Building a tree house and putting gardens in it. It can maybe make new species

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  • your losing power with the way you have the water set up. the side the cup is facing on the wheel is the side the water should flow on. a good rule of thumb is the water should land 1/4 of the width past center. you have yours at just about center. you could get more oomph if you adjust where the water falls on the wheel.

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  • i like the chikkons

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  • Love the chicken photo bomb!!!

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  • а на 180 развернутть никак?

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  • nice

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  • How much electricity is producing?

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  • This may be off topic, but I think someone might find it interesting. :) Electric Generator Design that's powered by it's self once it gets going & perpetuates more electrical current then is needed for it to run continuously on it's own. Step 1: Calculate how much energy you need pumped into an electric motor to make a vertically positioned circular platter with magnets in-bedded horizontally around it's left side and right side (so there pushing force is pushing out sideways relative to the vertically spinning disc) to spin as fast as you need it to. Also better to make sure these magnets are shielded around their sides & back with metal that has high permeability so the magnetic field they are emitting is focused fully out sideways. :D Step 2: Calculate how many sets of copper coils you need to be interacting with magnetic fields to achieve this & to perpetuate more electrical current flow then is needed. :D Step 3: Build a round horizontally positioned platter covered in all these copper coils pointed down that does not move (Is stationary) :D Step 4: Build a round platter covered in powerful magnets pointed up that can spin and place it directly under platter with hanging copper coils. :D Step 5: Position the vertical platter that is motorized close to the horizontally positioned platter covered in magnets pointing up so that when the vertically positioned platter spins the in-bedded horizontally positioned magnetic fields slam sideways against the edge of the horizontally positioned platter causing it to spin. :) Step 6: Make sure enough of the copper coils are feeding their electrical current into the electric motor and the rest of the copper coils are linked into a set of rechargeable Battery's placed in the closest most convenient spot. Step 7: Build a duplicate setup of horizontally positioned discs with hanging copper coils and disc with upwards facing magnets and assuming the first set of discs are positioned to the front left side of vertical spinning disc, position the other duplicate structures to the front right, the back left and the back right of the vertically positioned motorized disc. As the vertically positioned motorized disc spins the horizontally in-beaded magnets will now hit into all 4 horizontally positioned discs causing them to spin. so you will effectively be using the spin of one disc powered by one electric motor to spin 4 constructs that are each generating electrical current. now build this whole setup multiple times over and use the current perpetuated by it to power up scaled electromagnetic generators that are equal to or more powerful than the ones used in a nuclear power plant. You will now have a device that is self perpetuating off of it's own electrical current perpetuation and no nuclear waist to worry about. Here is the reason why my device does work. You see even tho the more electrical load you impose on a system ends you up with greater back emf hindering your devices ability to move and generate current, there is a way to work around this. My device multiplies the amount of mechanical motion that is taking place because of the 1 motor. On top of that, it eliminates any extra resistance that could have been imposed on the motor by making the other wheels spin by having the magnetic fields hit the rotating discs the way I described. You see, the vertically positioned disc connected to the motor is perpetuating the spinning of at least 4 main discs that are spinning magnets at no extra effort on it's own part because as it spins around powered by the motor, it is the horizontally positioned magnets that are shielded by high permeability metal that are using their magnetic push out sideways to force the other horizontally positioned discs to spin. So even tho each of those 4 discs spinning are somewhat hindered by the back emf it does not change the inescapable fact that each disc is perpetuating the flow of current in the copper coils above them and the amount of electrical current being perpetuated between all 4 discs is greater then the amount of electrical current the motor needs to run at max potential. It is called over unity and the extra electrical current the motor does not need can be fed into larger more elaborate electric generators. Imagine 12 of these designs contributing to the power needs of a much more powerful design (Probably electromagnetic) that is utilizing this same idea of multiplying the number of horizontally positioned discs that spin because of the motion of one powerful motor spinning a vertically positioned disc cleverly positioned so that it spins at least 4 other discs at a much higher velocity because of it's more powerful design. In short its all about multiplying what the first motors disc is interacting with & second, up scaling the design to more powerful designs that utilize the same principles.

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  • Awesome video - I want to try doin g that

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  • The the world economy continues to deteriorate, we are going to see more and more of this. People making power from what's a hand, living in trucks, cars and sheds. Great to be ahead of the game. You never know what the weather or other factors will bring.

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  • 你沒有利用到重力加速度 1M/9.8Kg

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  • very clumsy ...

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  • Great work sir, can you please mention motor specs you used for this project.

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  • Isn't that untreated wood?

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  • Absolute amazing work 👉💖

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  • I love the trial and error mentality. Nice work.

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  • I enjoyed!

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  • it is not very difficult to do this. the hard thing is to store energy. you need capacitor and regulator . If the annual flow of the river is irregular, an electrical system is necessary to keep it under control. serious investment is required for this.Let me put it that way ;energy is easy to produce but difficult and costly to store.

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  • hi,i thinkik was a problem on the wheel...your water wheel need to be heavy enought to act as a fly wheel.....constantly and counter weight the rotation.i saw a water wheel many year ago,it use a small water fish pump to circulate water flow,with just very water flow..much less tht yours,the water wheel turn so powerfull.which i cant use my two hand to breake the wheel wall..arworlds.info/video/l3VrqqV0qIN0r5o/fydyw&ab_channel=WinterSonata

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  • his kids will tell their kids.. look how our father was charging phone in 2020.

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  • Very cool. I’m sorry, but I chuckled a little bit when you were putting the legs under your pipe and it fell down. It just sorta struck me funny. Great video man

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  • I like the sound of the water

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  • No need for the gym for you ...well done.

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  • Gostei, adorei o evento, no sitio isso é muito bom

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  • Dobrý den, navrhuji delší potrubí a větší spád, tedy i větší sílu a rychlost kola. Voda udělá více práce, jen když má váhu a tu dosáhne v takto malém průtoku jedině převýšením. Ať se Vám daří.

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  • i think if you change that generator for an hoverboard motor....

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  • Look ... I have the real solution to this matter... A system generator of electicity than works by itself... see what I mean ... if you use the same energy than you are generating ... to keep in moving the system you have a closed circle ... and don't need anything else. its useing the same electricity to generates electricity. eliminate the need of the " infraestructure" needed to keep moveing the generators Just only need the generators and you can save the cost of all that infrastructure dams wind fans solar panels thermoelectric nuclear plants etc. etc. and generates the same or more energy ... if you have the cunning to see what I say ... tell me where I'll send you the information that's all. Thank you. alrusaoro@gmail.com

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  • Painfully to watch someone start on the business end of the water side. If you were digging a trench would you start from the water or would you dig from the end point and let your last shovel full of dirt get it started? AND you would be dry. Another example... electricians put in a new unit and wire TOWARDS the power.

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